‘Black Lungs Toronto’ was formally conceived in late November of 2012 when four runners and long-time friends sat in a pub near High Park in west-end Toronto and decided once and for all that it was time to create something entirely their own.

Long and proudly affiliated with the Longboat Roadrunners, a dozen or so members opted to leave the club at the end of 2012 to venture out and craft something to call their own. Their purpose was simple: A commitment to becoming the best runners they could possibly be. A dedication to training and racing. And to each other.

In 2013, the ‘club’ was formed and the original members met to discuss the desires, direction and details of the organization. They agreed on some ‘ground rules,’ chipped in to purchase team singlets and committed to training together to accomplish both individual and group goals.

Under the guidance of our unofficial “coach” Robert Campbell, the Black Lungs follow a carefully considered training program that aims to produce success at every and all race distances.

Our namesake, the Black Lungs, was originally chosen when applying for inclusion in the 2012 Cabot Trail Relay Race on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It was chosen to represent an important part of Cape Breton’s history and traditional dependence on the coal mining industry. To us, it represents the values of our club: hard-work, dedication, sacrifice, risk and the potential for reward.


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