Black Lungs Toronto is a performance-based running club where running, training and racing to the best of our abilities is our primary objective. Through our collective wisdom and experience, we push ourselves and each other to be the best runners we can be.

All members of BLT, “the Black Lungs,” are highly competitive and committed distance runners. We value endurance, strength and speed, and are particularly interested in creating success at the marathon distance. We run and train year round and race regularly to test our fitness as we work towards goal races and events. We meet several times a week to train together and can be found running throughout the city of Toronto including on the roads, trails, and tracks.

The Black Lungs are committed to working, running and training together in order to develop and improve. We follow a specialized training program that prepares us to compete and race at our best. We proudly display our club colours to celebrate our success, development and the camaraderie of our group as well as the greater running community.

BLT is open to potential new members granted they commit to meeting our performance standards and adhering to our philosophy and program of training.

Run fast. Run far. Black Lungs Toronto.



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