#‎BlackLungsToronto at ‪#‎STWM‬

Congrats to the Black Lungs who competed in the 2015 Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, a key and final tune-up for the Philadelphia Marathon.

AS: 1:12:45 (PB)
NC: 1:13:02 (PB)
RB: 1:14:12 (PB; 3rd AG)
DL: 1:14:18 (PB; 1st AG)
JG: 1:14:19 (PB; 2nd AG)
PL: 1:14:56
DC: 1:15:43
DW: 1:16:02
LT: 1:17:14 (PB; 2nd Women overall!)
AL: 1:18:21 (PB)
CM: 1:19:55 (PB)
RGL: 1:20:21 (PB)
JM: 1:21:06 (3rd AG)
KL: 1:21:07  (PB)
SC: 1:21:26 (PB)
RC: 1:21:43 (2nd AG)
AB: 1:26:26 (3rd AG)
KS: 1:26:49 ‪(PB)

‪We #‎RunTO‬!


About blacklungstoronto

A performance-based running club that values commitment, competition and camaraderie. Host of #TheBlackMile & #EkidenTO. We #RunFast and #RunFar. We are #BlackLungsToronto.
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